Home-Based Business


»  Home-Based, Not Home Bound

For an entrepreneur with a disability, working from home provides unmatched flexibility to manage medical routines and coordinate personal attendant care services. The benefits of working from home are irrefutable, but beware–the isolating effects of a home office can be detrimental to you and your business.


»  Should You Bring Home the Business?

The work-from-home lifestyle may be appealing, but it is not for everyone–nor is it the right choice for every business. Before you “bring home the business,” consider the pros and cons.


»  Home Office Work-Arounds

One major dilemma of working from home is the issue of where to meet with clients and customers. Our practical tips will help you identify alternatives to bringing clients and customers into your home.


»  Avoid Home-Based Business Scams

Consider these tips for spotting and avoiding work-at-home rip offs and scams.


»  Create A Professional Image

Ten tips to help you create a credible, professional image for your home-based business.


»  Recommended Reading

With literally hundreds of books available to help would-be entrepreneurs start and run home-based businesses, it is hard to know which ones are really good. The Abilities Fund has reviewed a few of our favorite home-based business books to help you zero in on resources that will work for you.


»  Insuring Your Home-Based Business

Most home-based business owners are not aware that their existing homeowner’s or renter’s insurance policies do not cover most business-related risks. Learn how to protect your home-based business.


»  The Home Office Deduction

What does the IRS say about working from home?


»  Pet Peeves

The dog’s barking while you’re on an important business call. The cat just ate the cord for your mouse. We’ve got some practical advice for those of you who have pets and work from home.


»  Juggling Work & Kids

Working at home enables you to be available to your kids when they need you, but sometimes their interruptions can keep you from getting work done. Here are some practical tips for balancing work and parental responsibilities.