Increasing Options for Entrepreneurs

The Abilities Fund offers entrepreneurs the opportunity to prepare for business by providing access to a suite of business development tools specifically designed for individuals with disabilities.

Our philosophy is simple: you cannot plan for the future without – planning! The Abilities Fund staff has first-hand experience knowing what it takes to successfully plan for and launch a micro-business. Our tools are built knowing that time spent planning helps entrepreneurs start, stabilization or expand a business from a position of knowledge. It is that very knowledge that puts entrepreneurs in the driver’s seat – a position that we all want to be in when thinking about the future.

Financial Education
Financial Education encourages entrepreneurs to understand more about individual financial readiness to start, stabilize, or expand a micro-business. Using the FDIC‘s Money Smart program, entrepreneurs will build their financial confidence as they look to the future.

Funding For Your Business
For entrepreneurs who need funding to ensure business success, the Association for Enterprise Opportunity is a great resource. It reviews current options for obtaining the funds needed to adequately capitalize the business start up, stabilization, or expansion. Please note that business activity that includes weapons sales, real estate development, money lending or financing, multi-level marketing programs, illegal or polluting activities, or adult businesses are not eligible uses of loan funds.