Betsy Wagner of Monarch Massage



Betsy Wagner, Owner
Monarch Massage

“As a passenger in a car accident in 1988 (my junior year in HS), I sustained a TBI and as my healing progressed, I dealt with many painful headaches. I did, however, manage to graduate with my class and go on to college with a major in Art and concentrations in Psychology and English (a similar pre-injury goal).

After college, I spent time in a variety of jobs trying to figure out who this new me was and how I could best use my degree. All the while, I endured painful, repeating headaches. I worked in a rehabilitation hospital, at a radio station, on a golf course, at a television station, and at a department store. I was a receptionist, a para-educator and a nature guide too–but nothing seemed to fit.

I repeatedly found myself drawn to the healing that massage was all about. Massaging my own head was always a comfort and I figured that maybe I could help others feel good with the touch that had always helped me. After a grueling year of massage school in 2005 and then passing the boards at the end of 2006, I decided to go into business for myself.

NVR helped me with the organization of some of my thoughts about my own business and guided me in the right direction as to the requirements needed for it. They helped me with purchasing the right equipment to best use my abilities and encouraged me with constant ideas on how to grow my pool of clientele.

Massage helped me throughout the healing and rehabilitative process. NVR helped me turn that into a profession that I could thrive in and help others as well. A disability lead me to Massage Therapy as a profession. A disability forced me to find my abilities. Being self employed has allowed me to better address the different struggles I face in the workplace. I still have difficulties, but I am the CEO of making things the best they can be for me in my own business and profession. I also know I can contact NVR and The Abilities Fund NSES for help when needed.

And I’d like you to know that YOU can contact Monarch Massage for help when needed. I’m just beginning the 9th year of this endeavor and am a growing business so if you think you might just want a relaxing massage after reading my story, please give me a call and we’ll set up an appointment and you can get BACK to feeling good!”

Contact Betsy at:
Monarch Massage
2144 Harrison Avenue
Lincoln, NE 68502