Robert Danner of Open Door Computer Services LLC

“I started my business knowing I wanted to be self employed to have a happy career. I had also noticed in my spare time that I enjoyed everything about computers and slowly became overwhelmed with neighbors and friends asking me questions about how to fix their computer. I then had to ask myself why not make a living off this and enjoy helping others too?


Robert Danner, Owner
Open Doors Computer Services, LLC

My advice to anyone interested in starting a business is to get yourself two good people, an attorney and a CPA! Voc Rehab has also been a huge asset for me and my business. My plan was to use VR dollars towards advertising. I figured by now my business was able to sustain my regular bills with its current income. So I divided the VR dollars three ways: radio, paper, and promotional items. I overlapped radio and newspaper for three months. Then I purchased about a year’s worth of mouse pads to hand out to customers and to entice new customers. Being able to amp up my advertising with VR dollars gave me a huge push in the start to a successful, profitable business.

I have been lucky enough that my prosthetic leg has not caused me much trouble in my business. But I do make a strong recommendation to others with disabilities to take a moment to look around. For as you plan to launch a business you need to assess if there are changes that need to be made in order to assure accessibility. I like to use an example of your home being accessible. Make sure that you are able to get in and out easily with no obstructions. Then once in the business, make sure you can get around comfortably without troubles. Remember to consider any extra supplies or assistive technology equipment you might need or proper access to restrooms.

There are many nights I worry if this big venture will pay off, but by the next morning all worries have been wiped away with the excitement of a new day in business.”

Contact Robert at:
Open Doors Computer Services, LLC
2711 “O” Street, Suite 2
Lincoln, NE 68510