Recommended Reading

Literally hundreds of books lining the shelves of libraries and bookstores offering information and advice on how to start and run your own home-based business. The problem isn’t finding resources, it is figuring out which ones are really good.

The Abilities Fund has had the opportunity to review more than our fair share of the available resources. The field-tested resources described below are ones that we think are worth adding to your home-based business toolkit.

1.  Working From Home: Everything You Need to Know About Living and Working Under the Same Roof by Paul and Sarah Edwards (ISBN: 0874779766)

If you only buy one book on home-based business ownership, make it Working From Home. No single resource can possibly address all of the questions that will arise as you start and grow your business, but this one comes close. Paul and Sarah Edwards have taken a mountain of detailed information and put it into a user-friendly format. The organization of the book makes it easy to find the answers you’re looking for without wading through a lot of unnecessary information. Practical insights and step-by-step instructions get right to the point.

Topics covered include deciding what business to start, home office technology, tax and legal issues, getting and staying organized, balancing work and personal commitments, pricing your products and services, what to do when your business outgrows your home, and more.

2.  Bringing Home the Business: The 30 Truths Every Home Business Owner Must Know by Kim T. Gordon (ISBN: 039952598X)

Bringing Home the Business is designed to help home-based business owners attract and keep customers. If you don’t have time to read a book on marketing your business, this is the perfect book for you. Kim T. Gordon has broken the book down into 30 short, easy-to-read tips that you can read on the run in under 10 minutes. Checklists at the end of each chapter identify steps you can take right away to put the information to work in your business.

3.  Mompreneurs: A Mother’s Practical Step-by-Step Guide to Work-at-Home Success by Ellen H. Parlapiano and Patricia Cole (ISBN: 0399522336)

Mompreneurs is a survival guide for anyone struggling to balance the needs of a family and a home-based business. Although it was written with moms in mind, this book provides practical advice that would benefit work-at-home dads too. This book offers the same “how to” business advice found in any good book on starting and running a home-based business, such as developing a business plan, outfitting your home office, taxes and insurance. What makes Mompreneurs different is that the authors have woven in a taste of reality. Their practical advice will help you childproof your office, keep the kids quiet while you are on the phone, keep a professional composure when you’re surrounded by chaos, and more.

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