The Abilities Fund has provided the following resources for use by individuals with disabilities that are considering self employment as an employment option.

»  AEO – Association for Enterprise Opportunity

»  Choosing a Business Idea

»  Finding The Elusive Business Idea
»  Finding The Perfect Fit
»  Turning Your Passion Into Profits

»  Feasibility: Test Your Idea

»  Feasibility 101
»  When The Research Disproves The Dream
»  Poor Credit: It’s History
»  10 Ways To Research Your Business Idea

»  Business Planning

»  Building Blocks Of Business Planning
»  Staying Afloat During Start-Up

»  Home Based Business

»  Home-Based, Not Home Bound
»  Should You Bring Home the Business?
»  Home Office Work-Arounds
»  Avoid Home-Based Business Scams
»  Create A Professional Image
»  Recommended Reading
»  Insuring Your Home-Based Business
»  The Home Office Deduction
»  Pet Peeves
»  Juggling Work & Kids

»  What Do I Need To Know About Social Security Benefits And Self Employment?

»  Legal Business Structures

»  Choosing A Legal Structure
»  Partnership Agreement Checklist
»  The Problem With Partnerships
»  Nonprofit: Business With A Purpose

»  Pricing Strategies

»  What Price Is Right?
»  Show Me The Money
»  How Will You Get Paid?

»  Networking

»  Establish An Advisory Team
»  Home-Based, Not Home Bound
»  Mentors Make A Difference

»  Employee Issues

»  6 Steps To Staffing Your Firm

»  What Is Microenterprise/Microlending?

»  Glossary Of Terms